Work Placement – Bleona

Care Home and Primary School Work Placement case study – Bleona

Before I came to Scott College I had ambitions to work in the medical field, giving help to people that most need it. However I also wanted to join the Navy. Since joining the College two years ago, I’ve been driven to pursue nursing at university, something I didn’t really ever think I would be able to do. The school has provided me with amazing opportunities to aid me in my future career. An example of this is the two work placements I have completed during my work experience day out of college each week. One of the placements was at a care home where I learnt the value of my interpersonal skills and the impact it made on the residents. Having the opportunity to socialise with the residents fuelled my drive to become a nurse, but showed me that I didn’t want to pursue a career as a carer.

However, at the back of my mind sat the idea of working in paediatrics, working with young people.

The school was quick to help and arranged a placement at a local primary school.

I now know working with young people is not for me! I learnt invaluable skills and realised that working as a paediatric nurse could be crossed off my list.

I feel it is equally important to try new things than to have a fixed mindset and that doing the work placements gave me a feel for what else was out there and made sure that I was sure of what I wanted to do.

I have been Studying on the Health Sciences Pathway which will lead to the Level 3 BTEC extended diploma in Health and Social Care. I am working towards a Distinction Merit Merit which will allow me to begin my degree in Adult Nursing in September. This will lead me to joining the Navy once I’ve gained the qualifications in Adult Nursing!


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