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Work Placements

Radiography Work Placement case study – Emily

In Year 12 I was lucky enough to attend University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust once day a week to observe the Radiography team. The team where, incredibly, I was able to learn a lot, not only about the job role but also how they have to work in a team to overcome challenges.

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Multiple Work Placement case study – Charlie

As a medical school applicant work placements have been a valuable component of the curriculum here at Scott College.

I’ve undertaken three in my time here, two at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and one with the Peninsula Medical School.

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Care Home and Primary School Work Placement case study – Bleona

Before I came to Scott College I had ambitions to work in the medical field, giving help to people that most need it.

However I also wanted to join the Navy. Since joining the College two years ago, I’ve been driven to pursue nursing at university, something I didn’t really ever think I would be able to do.

The school has provided me with amazing opportunities to aid me in my future career.

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Radiography Work Placement case study – Cydney

Before I started my journey here at Scott College, I was planning on taking a completely different route to what I am now doing. At first, I wanted to go into the Navy as something to do with medicine, but when we had a masterclass with the radiographers from Derriford Hospital, it sparked my interest in Radiography.

I decided to look more into the career and as soon as the opportunity arose for me to go on a work placement, I couldn’t turn it down.

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Volunteer at Derriford Hospital – Trixton

I have recently come to the end of three years of volunteering at Derriford as well as completing my time at Scott College. The best advice I can give when it comes to coursework is to listen to your teachers, they are experts in their fields when it comes to a range of new subjects such as microbiology, nutritional health, legislation, anatomy and physiology and much more.

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