Triathlon Challenge For Students

Mr Broomfield’s Triathlon Club are celebrating their success as students Ellen, Ruby and Charley took part in the Cornish Tri Series at Tolcarne in Newquay on Sunday 19 May.

The event involved a 200m swim in open water followed by 4k cycle then finished off with a 2.5k run.

Mr Broomfield said: “A triathlon is physically and mentally demanding, the girls did brilliantly.

“They had to battle the elements and swim in cold temperatures then find the stamina to cycle along the beautiful coast before, finally, running to the finish line.

“I am enormously proud of their achievement and the hard work they put into this. They have been practicing very hard in the build-up to this event by attending our extracurricular activities such as swimming and running club after school.

“This is a sport that I am passionate about and I am planning to grow in the school.”


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