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Every student at Scott Medical and Healthcare College has been taught CPR as part of Restart A Heart Day.
More than 150 students and staff at Scott Medical and Healthcare College were taught the techniques as part of the British Heart Foundation’s Restart a Heart initiative.

The BHF says that if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving so the aim of Restart A Heart Day on 16 October was to train as many young people as possible and Mrs Mann, one of the College’s personal coaches, ran CPR sessions throughout the day.

Mrs Mann – a qualified first aider- ran the sessions with help from Justin Sharples, South Western Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust’s Assistant Community Responder for Devon.

“It was quite a challenge to train so many students in one day but with the excellent BHF training film and with Justin Sharples being here we are really pleased to have trained so many people in one day,” she said.

Mr Sharples said it was “absolutely fantastic” that the students were being trained.

“Early CPR can make a huge difference,” he said.

“The students were really engaged and enthusiastic and asked informed and relevant questions.”

Year 12 student Bleona said the training was “very important”.

“I didn’t know how to do it before today,” said Bleona, who is planning to become a naval nurse.

“I would feel confident doing it now – though of course I hope I won’t have to use it too often.”

Fellow Year 12 student Demi – who hopes to go on to be a speech and language therapist – said the training was “good fun”.

“That’s what it’s like being at Scott College, it’s really focused and hands-on, I love it here.”

Scott College is a new state school which opened in September for young people planning to pursue a career in the medical and healthcare sector welcoming students from Plymouth, Devon and into Cornwall.

There is a Year 12 Open Evening for current Year 11 students on 29 November – details are on the website


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