Students Join Compassion Project




Scott College has been invited to be a pilot school for the St Luke’s Compassionate Schools project.

The project is part of their Compassionate City Campaign.

“I have been working with them for some months now and completed Champion training and we are involved in three ways,” explained Health and Social care teacher Mrs Carlson.

“One is the Theatre Forum Workshop which is run in conjunction with St Luke’s, Scott College and Plymouth University’s drama students and on 12 March 40 students took part in an afternoon of theatre forum sessions.”


The idea behind the Compassionate Buddies Forum Theatre sessions is to help students build their confidence and skills to compassionately respond to their peers who might be bereaved or living with a life-limiting condition. Ultimately, they will get to practice LENDing a helping hand to make a difference to people around them and understand what a Compassionate Buddy is and isn’t, just like in Compassionate Friends.

Forum Theatre is a type of participatory theatre which allows the audience members- students (the ‘spect-actors’) to practice different interventions for real-life scenarios.

“It was a great experience and the students were amazing,” said Mrs Carlson.

“They interacted well and took part and actually made a contribution to the session by talking about how to approach different scenarios in the most compassionate way.

“It made them rethink about how they might react in a difficult situation where someone has experienced loss of a loved one”


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