MP Luke Announces Year 10 Election Result

Not every school election result is announced by a real politician but that’s what happened when Year 10 at Scott College ran a campaign about politics, health and well-being.

As part of Project-Based Learning students were asked to create a political party and a manifesto around an issue that they feel strongly about – students then voted and Scott College’s local MP Luke Pollard came to Scott College for the afternoon to announce the winner.

“Students had to think of a name for their party, design a logo and create posters and leaflets to advertise their manifestos,” explained Mr Morris, head of the Class of 2020.

The elections took place on Friday 24 May and the whole year group, as well as a number of  Year 12 students, were involved either as participants or as members of the audience.

Party leaders delivered their election speeches and students voted using an online survey.

As well as announcing the results Luke Pollard spoke to the audience and was given a tour of the school in Stoke.

“Students conducted their research and delivered their speeches with maturity and with a clear insight into the issues that they addressed. Congratulations to Beth of the Philanthropies party who was elected as our Prime Minister,” said Mr Morris.

“Beth and her party will now work with staff and students to make some of their manifesto promises a reality.
Luke Pollard said: “It was a real pleasure to announce the winner of the election – Beth has some great ideas for the school and I’ve no doubt she will implement them!

“It’s been great to see young people speaking so passionately about the environment and mental health today – a real credit to Scott College and the city.”

Beth said: “I’m really pleased and surprised to have won – I worked really hard with my team on our manifesto, our posters and our campaign and I couldn’t have done it without them.

“I want to give people a voice – I shared a very personal story about mental health as part of my presentation and I think it is so important that we keep being more open about it and allow people to talk.

“I am looking forward to making a difference in school and honouring the promises I have made about raising awareness of mental health.”


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