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Code of Conduct

Scott College is a place where young people come to learn. We want them to have a space where they are respected, are listened to and feel safe to make mistakes and to learn.

We do not expect others to disrupt the learning of any student and where there is behaviour or disruption to learning, the student concerned will receive an ‘amber warning’. The student will be asked to move seat or take 5 minutes out of the classroom.

In the event that the student causes further disruption or does not follow the teacher instruction, the student will be given a ‘red card’ and asked to leave the classroom. Students go to reception, hand in their mobile phone if they have one and collect a reflection form.  Students will stay and work in the coaches office for a further six school hours.

Handheld Mobile Devices 

Handheld mobile devices including phones, tablets and iPads are a part of modern life and hold important apps including learning apps, travel tickets and apps to keep young people safe. 

In preparing young people for future work in the medical, health and social care industries and to look after their well-being we have guidelines to promote appropriate use of these devices at Scott College.

Handheld mobile devices, including mobile phones, iPads and tablets are allowed to be used;  before school, after school and at break time and lunch time in the Scott Suite, canteen and outside seated areas only. For Sixth Form students, this includes the sixth form study area.

Handheld mobile devices  are not allowed to be used in other spaces including the toilet areas, stairwells, corridors and classrooms.

There are instances where teachers will instruct students to use their devices for learning within a classroom. 

These devices are not to be used for applications where a Chromebook computer can be used, for instance, they will not be used where a student forgets their calculator. 

Where a student uses a device outside of the allowed spaces the device will be handed over and put in the safe in the reception office. The device can be collected at the end of the school day. 

Students are instructed not to take photos, videos or sound recordings of each other or staff, without express permission. Where this happens we will instruct those involved to hand in devices at reception on arrival in school. This will be the case for an unlimited number of days, until we are satisfied that it is safe to allow the devices back into school.

If we see it or hear it, we will take it and put it in the safe.

A text will be sent home to inform parents that the device has been misused and will be kept safe for collection until the end of the day. 

Scott College 

Updated January 2020


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