Hands-on Anatomy Experience Is ‘Exceptional’

Students were given a real flavour of life as a surgeon when they took part in Operating Theatre Live.

The two-day anatomical dissection experience follows the journey from patient care through anaesthetics to incisions and onto the dissection of all main organ systems including attempting real surgical procedures.

Year 12 student Aaron, a future physiotherapist, said it was a “unique” experience.

“We have so many opportunities like this at Scott College – I’m currently on a placement at Derriford Hospital in the Histology Department and experiences like that and taking part in Operating Theatre Live reinforce how much I want to pursue a career in the medical profession.”

Fellow  Year 12 student Poppy is planning to be a doctor.

“It is important to get over your squeamishness and a practical hands-on experience like Operating Theatre Live really helps,” she said.

Dominic, who is in Year 9, said it was “a great introduction into how organs and tissues work”.

“It’s very different to see all the things we learn about actually in the flesh,” said Dominic, who is planning a career in Cardiology.

“The whole experience propels them through the human body, how it works and what is involved with careers in healthcare,” said Dean Thomas-Lowde from Operating Theatre Live.

“The students at Scott College were active participants who asked some really good questions and developed their learning by participating and engaging in the programme 100%.

“We always enjoy working with students from Scott College and we look forward to seeing them again soon.”

Scott College’s deputy headteacher Tim Cresswell said it was “an exceptional experience”.

“Students get to apply their theory into practice, holding brains in their hands, dissecting eyes and seeing how the organs connect with each other to keep us alive,” he said.

“Students love their hands-on experiences and we can’t wait to have them back next year.”


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