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Choices at 16

A good place to start planning your post-16 options is to think of these three questions.

  • Where am I now? (What qualifications, skills, and interests do I have?)
  •  Where do I want to get to? (What would I like to be doing in 5 years time – job, living away from home, etc?)
  •  How will I get there? (What course, training or future job is likely to get me where I want to go?)

Of course, at 16, young people don’t necessarily know the answers to all these questions, but now is the time to start exploring information about careers, jobs and

courses. If you really aren’t sure about what you want to do in the future then use the Career Tools to help you find out more about your personality type and jobs/careers that are suited to you. Or talk to your tutors, employers (if you have a job), peers, people who know you well, or ask your school careers adviser.

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