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Mr Tim Cresswell,

Mr Tim Cresswell

  • Deputy Headteacher
  • BSc (Hons) Marine Biology - University of Plymouth
  • PGCE Secondary Science - College of St Mark & St John
  • Trustee - National Aquarium LTD

In being responsible for the teaching and learning at Scott College, it is my aim to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills to attain the very best grades possible to become the healthcare professionals of tomorrow, and I love it.

Special Interests:  Marine Science; Human Evolution; Global Climate Change; Human Physiology


Ms Jasmin Fisher,

Ms Jasmin Fisher

  • Maths teacher and Assistant Headteacher
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics - University of Reading
  • PGCE - Secondary Mathematics - University of Reading

I teach A level and GCSE Maths.

I hope to inspire as many of you as possible to love the challenge and satisfaction that solving a Mathematical problem can bring. As well as this I am excited to work closely with Year 9 to ensure you have the best opportunities to enjoy school and make the most of your time at Scott College.

Special Interests: Duke of Edinburgh; Pure Mathematics; FE Maths Improvement


Mrs Linda Buckingham,

Mrs Linda Buckingham

  • Level 3 and level 2 Health Sciences Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Information Technology & English Language Studies. College of St Mark & St John
  • PGCE Secondary. College of St Mark & St John
  • Former moderator for Pearson Level 2 IT

As a teacher with 15 years’ experience, I aim to bring the subject alive through an engaging and experiential curriculum. I will provide you with the tools to springboard you into the health and social care sector.

I love all aspects of Health & Social Care, I’m currently a Dementia Friend and interested in getting involved with other organisations like St Luke’s Champions.


Mrs Raia Berriman,

Mrs Raia Berriman

  • SENCO and Safeguarding
  • BEd (Hons) Design & Technololgy Education - College of St Mark and St John
  • National SEN Award

I am responsible for helping meet the special educational needs of students, supporting looked after children and I am the Young Carers Champion for Scott College. It’s my responsibilty to nurture and care for the students’ progress, ambitions, mental health and planning for their future. I have the pleasure of getting to know families and carers and ensure that the correct support is in place and available where necessary.


Mr Seb Broomfield,

Mr Seb Broomfield

  • Level 3 and level 2 Sports Science Teacher
  • BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning - College of St Mark and St John
  • PGCE University of St Mark & St John
  • Qualified fencing instructor Triathlons Level 2 Fitness instructor

I am Head of the Class of 2022.

I am the Scott College fitness expert, I lead the physical enrichment programme. I also teach Sports Science at level 3 (A level) and level 2 (GCSE).


Mrs Lana Carlson,

Mrs Lana Carlson

  • Head of Health and Social Care
  • BA (Hons) Health and Social Care Management - University of Plymouth
  • PGCE, Health and Social Care, Exeter University
  • External Examiner for Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Health and Social Care, Dementia Champion and St Luke's Champion

I teach Health Sciences at both level 3 (A level) and level 2 (GCSE) will support you to reach your aspirational goals by providing the practical skills, knowledge and understanding of the health and social care sector, all of which are used on a day to day basis by health and social care professionals.


Ms Rebecca Carver,

Ms Rebecca Carver

  • Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages - University of the West of England, Bristol
  • PGCE Secondary MFL, Open University

Currently studying for Masters in Education at Plymouth University.


Laura Chalmers,

Laura Chalmers

  • Level 3 and level 2 Health and Social Care Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Drama and Media - Exeter University
  • GTP Drama and English QTS College of St Mark & St John
  • Level 5 in Health and Social Care Management Distinction Level 3 in Child Psychology Diploma Level 3 Higher Distinction Child Behavior TSST in Physics

I always aim to provide students with the magic of learning to give them experiences not only during the lessons but also to build future careers they will excel at and achieve their dreams. 

I come from a diverse background of teaching, Health and Social Care, Drama, English, RE and Human Science, these combined I give my students a safe learning environment where I can inspire them to be themselves and shine.

Special Interests: Communication, all types and alternative, I am BSL stage Two sign language qualified
Types of therapy and mental health support, CBT


Mrs Rachel Cousins,

Mrs Rachel Cousins

  • A level and GCSE Maths Teacher
  • BEd (Hons) with QTS Secondary Mathematics
  • QTS Secondary Mathematics
  • Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, Google Certified Educator Level 1 

As a Maths teacher at Scott College, my job is to help develop both your mathematical and problem-solving skills. I also aim to nurture a love for the beauty that is mathematics whilst supporting you to achieve the best grades possible and open the door to the next step in your chosen career path.

I am a staff Governor on the Board of Scott College


Dr Nicky Dawdry,

Dr Nicky Dawdry

  • A level and GCSE Biology Teacher
  • Ph.D. in Biology - University of Plymouth, BSc (Hons) Biology - University of Hull
  • PGCE Secondary Science - College of St Mark & St John
  • AQA GCSE Science Examiner, Edexcel A' Level Biology Examiner

I teach Biology at both GCSE and A’ level and also teach on the BTEC Level 3 Health Studies unit ‘Physiology and Anatomy.’ I have a passionate interest in developing teaching and learning and aim to enable our students to be the very best they can be in both their knowledge and skills so that they can become the healthcare professionals of the future.

Special interests: Ecophysiology, Human physiology, Biodiversity and Evolution

ASA Level 1 in Coaching Swimming, British Swimming Judge level 1.


Mrs Laura Edmundson,

Mrs Laura Edmundson

  • Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages - University of Plymouth
  • PG Cert Education - College of St Mark & St John

I teach the Modern Foreign Language curriculum here at Scott College. I will support you in your learning of either Spanish or French, helping you to develop the four key skills of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking in your chosen language. Over the three-year course, I will inspire you to learn more about other cultures and how to make the most of your language skills to support you in your future career. I spent one year living in Andalucía teaching English as a foreign language.


Mrs Clare Faragher,

Mrs Clare Faragher

  • Head of Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology/Sociology - Brunel University
  • PGCSE + QTS - Keele University
  • Association of Teachers of Psychology. AQA A level Psychology - Paper 1 and 3 (4 years) AQA A level Sociology - all papers (10 years plus) Pearson EdExcel GCSE Psychology 2019 Paper 2

I teach A level and GCSE Psychology.

I’ll be working with you to pass on my passion for learning and we’ll be developing your capability to critically analyse the everyday world, and understand the behaviour of individuals and the way the mind works.

Special Interests: Cognitive neuroscience and the writings of Oliver Sacks


Ms Vanessa Goodwright,

Ms Vanessa Goodwright

  • Personal Coach
  • PGDip - Coaching - College of St Mark and St John
  • Cert Ed, Teaching Certificate University of Plymouth
  • Professional Equity member (39 years) Voluntary Hospital Radio, Plymouth (6 years) People's Company member /Theatre Royal Previously local Councillor and Community Drama Practitioner

I am an experienced Performing Arts Practitioner and Coach. I really enjoy supporting each young person both professionally and personally.  I will help each student to learn creatively, be confident and achieve their full potential.

Special Interests: Attending Theatre, Music and creative events
Fiona Haley,

Fiona Haley

  • Level 3 and level 2 Sports Science Teacher
  • BA (Hons) Sports Development - University of Exeter
  • PGCE Bath Spa University

I am Head of ‘Sanger House’ one of the two Scott College houses.

  • Level 3 Personal trainer.
  • Group class fitness instructor.
  • U15s and U13s girls coach at Ivybridge RFC
  • Level 2 ASA Swimming Coach


Mrs Lucy Harwood,

Mrs Lucy Harwood

  • A level and GCSE Chemistry Teacher
  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • PGCE and PGCPD post graduate certificate in professional development in Education
  • OCR GCSE Science. Royal Society of Chemistry

I have had the privilege of teaching chemistry for over 17 years and I am really excited to be part of this new adventure that is Scott College. I aim to inspire, motivate, challenge and support you throughout your studies.


Miss Charlotte Hefford,

Miss Charlotte Hefford

  • Head of Health Sciences Pathway
  • BA (Hons) Sociology - University of Exeter
  • PGCE Lifelong Learning - University of Plymouth
  • CAVA - Cambridge Access Validating Agency

I teach Level 3 (A level) and Level 2 (GCSE) Health sciences. I am also Head of the Health Sciences Pathway.

With many years experience of teaching health and social care subjects, I am here to support your progression towards your career goals. I hope to enthuse and inspire you to achieve your potential and enjoy your learning here at Scott College.

Special interests: Sociology of health and illness


Dr Steve Howard,

Dr Steve Howard

  • A level and GCSE Physics Teacher
  • PhD Medical Physics - Cranfield University
  • PGCE Secondary Science - Exeter University

I am Head of the Class of 2021.

I teach Physics at both GCSE and A level. I love to open the eyes of students to the hidden or invisible world which underpins how things work. I am also the head of Year 9 and am privileged to take a leading role in guiding students through their formative years at Scott College.


Mrs Louise Humpherson,

Mrs Louise Humpherson

  • Careers and Work Placement Lead
  • NVQ L4 in Advice and Guidance and HE Advisers Certificate through London South Bank University
  • CDI

I am Scott College’s work placement expert. I will work with students and employers to help find work placement giving them the skills and experience to  be successful in application to university and work.

I lead and develop our programme of master classes and speakers bringing in medical and healthcare experts from a range of professions to speak to our students throughout the year.


Mr Chris Mayne - photo coming soon

Mr Chris Mayne

  • A level and GCSE Chemistry Teacher

Chris joins us at the start of the 2020 – 2021 academic year, he will complement our specialist science teachers. More information coming soon.

Mrs Kirsty Holliday,

Mrs Kirsty Holliday

  • Head of English and Literacy Coordinator
  • BA (Hons) English Literature with Language and Linguistics - Exeter University
  • PGCE English with Drama Exeter University

Whilst striving to foster a love of English Language and Literature, fundamentally, I will ensure the teaching and learning of English is a rewarding and stimulating experience, empowering all students to develop their capacity to express themselves with confidence.

Special Interests:

English Language and Linguistics


Kayleigh Jones,

Kayleigh Jones

  • Level 3 and level 2 Performing Arts Teacher
  • BSc (Hons) Drama and Psychology; PGDip Education; MA Drama and Performing Arts
  • PGCE English with Drama - Exeter University
  • Supervising First Aid for Mental Health Level 3 Award

Special Interests:

Physical Theatre and In-Yer-Face Theatre
Singing and the power of music
Deprivation and the impact on academic achievement
Creating safe spaces in education to ensure risks are taken by students
SMSC education
Educating the ‘whole’ child
Gender identity


Mrs Sherri Mann,

Mrs Sherri Mann

  • Personal Coach and Head of Access Pathway
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF), Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work, First Aid Internal Quality Assurance Certificate
  • Approved Safeguarding Instructor

I am the Head of the Access Pathway.

I am one of Scott College’s Personal Coaches, it will be our task to mentor you on your successful journey through the College.

I am an approved First Aid Instructor, Defibrillation Instructor, Oxygen Therapy Instructor and approved Anaphylaxis Management Instructor


Mrs Jinny McKie - photo coming soon

Mrs Jinny McKie

  • Careers Coordinator
  • BA (Hons) Contemporary Creative Practice - University of Plymouth
  • Further Education Teaching Certificate - University of Plymouth

I am part of the careers team at Scott College, advising students on future progression and supporting the programme of master classes and healthcare talks.


Mr  Nigel Morris,

Mr Nigel Morris

  • Head of Class of 2020 and Designated Safeguarding Lead

I am the head of the Class of 2020. The Class of 2020 were the first students to join Scott College in 2017 and will be the first to achieve their GCSEs in 2020.

I am the designated Safeguarding Lead and I am supported in this role by Mrs Mann and Mrs Berriman.

I lead Project Based Learning at Scott College.


Beth Pentecost - photo coming soon

Beth Pentecost

  • Science Technician
  • MSc - Forensic and Analytical Science - University of Huddersfield


Miss Sarah Purdy,

Miss Sarah Purdy

  • Senior Administrator
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business and Marketing - Plymouth Business Management School Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business Management - Plymouth Business Management School

I am responsible for the smooth running of all things administration for Scott College.

I am the Scott College Exams Officer and lead our administration team.
I look after Go4Schools and Sims.

Miss Ruth Readey,

Miss Ruth Readey

  • A level and GCSE English teacher
  • First class degree in Linguistics and English Literature (BA Hons)
  • PGCE School Direct - College of St Mark and St John

It is my job to ensure you achieve the best possible grades in both Literature and Language during your time at Scott College. However, it is also my job – and my pleasure – to instil a passion for effective communication and analysis skills, which will enable you to secure a successful future in anything you choose to do.

Special interests: Literature, music and languages


Mr Thomas Rebhan,

Mr Thomas Rebhan

  • A level and GCSE Biology Teacher
  • BSc (Hons) Physiology - University of Manchester
  • PGCert Exeter University
  • GCSE examiner, a team leader for Biology GCSE marking

I have worked at the Royal Liverpool University hospital and the Christie Hospital in Manchester working in the Oncology laboratories. I have also been a GCSE examiner for multiple years and will be a team leader this year for marking. 

I have particular interests in teaching human anatomy and physiology and how students can ‘learn through doing’, this can involve dissections, microscopy work and theory based activities.

Other areas of interest include:


Amy Reid,

Amy Reid

  • Level 3 and level 2 Health and Social Care
  • BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Studies- University of Plymouth
  • PGCE Primary Education

I have worked within the Health and Social Care sector for several years. I volunteered for St Luke’s Hospice, worked as an Advocate for Age UK Plymouth and was a Support Officer for Livewest. I have always been passionate about this subject and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with the students at Scott College and hope to inspire them to pursue a career within this sector.


Mr John Simpson,

Mr John Simpson

  • Teacher of History
  • B.A(Hons) Social Anthropology & Sanskrit, University of Wales, M.A. Development, Global Political Systems and Social Transformation, University of Sussex,
  • PGCE & QTS- Exeter University, Philosophy & History,
  • Edexcel Examiner, History, AQA Examiner Paper 2 English Language, CIE- (Cambridge International Exams) - Englsih IGCSE, Moderator Examiner.

I am here to help and support you through the processes of choosing your various career paths.

I am Scott College History Teacher and also Lead Mindfulness Practitioner

Special Interests:

Ancient History and Philosophy.(Greek & Roman).
Asian History
Asian Philosophy
Asiatic Languages. (Sanskrit, Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi)
Global Political systems.
Social Anthropology.
Religious Education

Marguerite Sperring,

Marguerite Sperring

  • SEND Administrator


Mr Kris Spreadborough,

Mr Kris Spreadborough

  • A level and GCSE Maths Teacher and ITT Coordinator
  • PgDip in Education (Mathematics) - University of Plymouth
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics - University of St Mark and St John
  • NCETM, Maths exam marker

My focus is to ensure you enjoy your mathematical lessons so that you enjoy the challenge of any problems given to you. Mathematics opens many doors and is a requirement of many courses, so hope that together we can strive for the highest grade possible. I am also supporting initial teacher training, helping those that wish to start their careers in teaching.


Miss Kayleigh Ward,

Miss Kayleigh Ward

  • School Administrator
  • Level 3 Business and Administration, Level 2 Mental Health in Children and Young People

I am responsible for all Attendance matters at Scott College.
I manage Parent Pay, Go4Schools and  Scott College Finance. I am also your point of contact for any parental queries you may have and I’ll do my best to help.

Miss Hayley Wedlake,

Miss Hayley Wedlake

  • Co-Head of Science, A level Biology Teacher, and GCSE Teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • BSc (Hons) Zoology - Cardiff University
  • PGCE Secondary Science - Exeter University
  • Pearson EdExcel A-level Biology Examiner, Pearson EdExcel Pearson GCSE Science

I am Co-Head of Science at Scott College and aim to deliver a diverse and rigorous curriculum at GCSE and A-level. Students will learn in a safe, engaging and challenging teaching and learning environment where teachers set high expectations. I believe Science should be taught with as much relevance to the ‘real world’ as possible and lessons are taught with a strong emphasis on its applications in Medicine and Science and Technology as a whole. 

Special Interests: I also hold an ITEC Diploma in human anatomy and physiology and teach this, as well as microbiology, to Year 13 BTEC Health and Social Care students. I also have a special interest in equine exercise physiology, and am a qualified equine sports massage therapist. My hobbies include endurance horse riding, walking and travelling.


Mrs Lynette White,

Mrs Lynette White

  • A level and GCSE English Teacher
  • BA (Hons) English Literature - Birkbeck, University of London
  • PGCE + QTS Secondary English - Rolle Institute, University of Plymouth
  • I am an examiner for AQA GCSE Language Paper 1 and English Literature Paper 2 on alternate years.

My aim is to ensure that through your English lessons you will develop effective communication and fluent writing skills which will enable you to succeed in your chosen career. I could just be Shakespeare’s biggest fan and I look forward to unravelling his craft and that of other amazing writers with you! Reading and analysing great literature will support your language and communication skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Special Interests: Literature – I love every single bit of the Literature spec. and I’m currently considering taking an MA in Literature if I can find a course that fits around current commitments


Miss Laura Wilkinson,

Miss Laura Wilkinson

  • Psychology Teacher and Head of Advanced Level Pathway
  • BSc (Hons) Human Psychology - Aston University
  • PGCE - UCL Institute of Education
  • GCSE and A Level Psychology marking and have been a team leader for A Level

If you choose to study Psychology at Scott College, either for GCSE or for A Level, I will be here to guide and support you as you explore this fascinating and thought-provoking subject. I am also here to support all students on the A Level Pathway, particularly through the UCAS application process. My aim is for all A Level students to leave Scott College with a bright future ahead of them.

Member of;

Association of Teachers of Psychology

The British Psychology Society

Special Interests: Currently associative identity disorder and gender issues.


Michelle Williams,

Michelle Williams

  • A level and GCSE level Mathematics teacher
  • BEng (Hons) Marine Engineering - University of Plymouth
  • PGCE - Secondary Mathematics


Mrs Sophie Wrigley,

Mrs Sophie Wrigley

  • Head of Maths, Teacher of A level and GCSE Maths
  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics - College of St Mark & St John
  • Specialist Leader of Education

I am head of Maths and I teach at both A level and GCSE. I am a Subject Specialist in Education (SLE).

I’ll be guiding you in developing your ability to approach problems in a logical manner and making sure you have the skills you will need for the future, as well as making sure you enjoy investigating the way maths describes the world around us.

Special Interests: GCSE, A level and Mechanics


Miss Georgina Young,

Miss Georgina Young

  • A level and GCSE English Teacher
  • BA (Hons) English Literature - University of Plymouth
  • PGCE Secondary English - University of Plymouth

I am Head of Seacole House one of the two Scott College Houses.

As an English teacher, I have the pleasure of inspiring young minds through the study of Literature and Language. In this role, I endeavour to equip you with the fundamental reading, writing and communication skills that will help you to become a lifelong learner, and lover, of English and beyond.

Special Interests:

As a keen reader, I have a real passion for the study of Literature and promoting reading for pleasure.

During my time at Scott College I have also been developing my expertise in creative writing including: short story writing, poetry writing, and song writing.

I am also interested in the study of media and film.


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