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Mr Martyn Cox,

Mr Martyn Cox


Welcome to Scott College, our mission is clear, to provide outstanding academic outcomes for our students whilst equipping them to be successful future workers in medicine, dentistry, nursing and all social and health care professions.

Mr Tim Cresswell,

Mr Tim Cresswell

Deputy Headteacher

In being responsible for the teaching and learning at Scott College, it is my aim to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills to attain the very best grades possible to become the healthcare professionals of tomorrow, and I love it.

Mr Luke Allen,

Mr Luke Allen

Chemistry Teacher

It’s my aim to inspire a passion and lasting interest in the mind-blowingly awesome subject of Chemistry. I shall help you develop crucial skills for not only a career in healthcare but also to teach you to apply these skills to all areas of your life to allow you to excel in all you strive to accomplish.

Mrs Linda Buckingham,

Mrs Linda Buckingham

Health Sciences Teacher

As a teacher with 15 years’ experience, I aim to bring the subject alive through an engaging and experiential curriculum. I will provide you with the tools to springboard you into the health and social care sector.

Mrs Raia Berriman,

Mrs Raia Berriman

SENCO and Creative Enrichment

I am responsible for helping meet the special educational needs of students, supporting looked after children and I am the Young Carers Champion for Scott College. It’s my responsibilty to nurture and care for the students’ progress, ambitions, mental health and planning for their future. I have the pleasure of getting to know families and carers and ensure that the correct support is in place and available where necessary

Mr Seb Broomfield,

Mr Seb Broomfield

Sports & Health and Social Care Teacher

I am the Scott College fitness expert, I will lead the physical enrichment programme. I also teach Sports Science and Health and Social Care.

Mrs Lana Carlson,

Mrs Lana Carlson

Health and social care teacher

I will support you to reach your aspirational goals by providing the practical skills, knowledge and understanding of the health and social care sector, all of which are used on a day to day basis by health and social care professionals.

Mrs Rachel Cousins,

Mrs Rachel Cousins

Maths Teacher

As a Maths teacher at Scott College, my job is to help develop both your mathematical and problem-solving skills. I also aim to nurture a love for the beauty that is mathematics whilst supporting you to achieve the best grades possible and open the door to the next step in your chosen career path

Mrs Laura Edmundson,

Mrs Laura Edmundson

Languages, Health Sciences Teacher and Personal Coach

I teach the Modern Foreign Language curriculum here at Scott College. I will support you in your learning of either Spanish or French, helping you to develop the four key skills of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking in your chosen language. Over the three-year course, I will inspire you to learn more about other cultures and how to make the most of your language skills to support you in your future career

Mrs Clare Faragher,

Mrs Clare Faragher

Psychology and Health and Social Care Teacher

I’ll be working with you to pass on my passion for learning and we’ll be developing your capability to critically analyse the everyday world, and understand the behaviour of individuals and the way the mind works.

Ms Jasmin Fisher,

Ms Jasmin Fisher

Maths teacher and Head of KS4

I hope to inspire as many of you as possible to love the challenge and satisfaction that solving a Mathematical problem can bring. As well as this I am excited to work closely with Year 9 to ensure you have the best opportunities to enjoy school and make the most of your time at Scott College.

Ms Vanessa Goodwright,

Ms Vanessa Goodwright

Drama Teacher and Personal Coach

I am an experienced Performing Arts Practitioner and Coach. I really enjoy supporting each young person both professionally and personally.  I will help each student to learn creatively, be confident and achieve their full potential.

Mrs Lucy Harwood,

Mrs Lucy Harwood

Chemistry Teacher

I have had the privilege of teaching chemistry for over 17 years and I am really excited to be part of this new adventure that is Scott College. I aim to inspire, motivate, challenge and support you throughout your studies.

Miss Charlotte Hefford,

Miss Charlotte Hefford

Health Sciences Teacher

With many years experience of teaching health and social care subjects, I am here to support your progression towards your career goals. I hope to enthuse and inspire you to achieve your potential and enjoy your learning here at Scott College.

Mrs Kerri Heslop,

Mrs Kerri Heslop

Dance and Health and Social Care Teacher

With 10 years’ experience working as a dance practitioner I will bring both knowledge and opportunity to students studying dance here at Scott College. I will strive to develop a love for dance, an understanding of the body and a confidence to perform giving students who take this option subject vocational challenge and experiences.

Mrs Kirsty Holliday,

Mrs Kirsty Holliday

English Teacher

Whilst striving to foster a love of English Language and Literature, fundamentally, I will ensure the teaching and learning of English is a rewarding and stimulating experience, empowering all students to develop their capacity to express themselves with confidence.

Dr Steve Howard,

Dr Steve Howard

Physics Teacher

I teach Physics at both GCSE and A level. I love to open the eyes of students to the hidden or invisible world which underpins how things work. I am also the head of Year 9 and am privileged to take a leading role in guiding students through their formative years at Scott College.

Mrs Louise Humpherson,

Mrs Louise Humpherson

Workplace Coordinator

I am Scott College’s work placement expert. I will work with students and employers to help find work placement and to build up our programme of master classes and speakers.

Mrs Sherri Mann,

Mrs Sherri Mann

Personal Coach

I am one of Scott College’s Personal Coaches, it will be our task to mentor you on your successful journey through the College.

Mrs Sam Payne,

Mrs Sam Payne

Troops to Teachers Second Year Maths Teacher

Information coming soon for Mrs Sam Payne.

Mr  Nigel Morris,

Mr Nigel Morris

Head of Class of 2020 and Personal Coach

I enjoy, working as a Personal Coach, supporting Scott College students to achieve their potential on their new and exciting journey.

Miss Sarah Purdy,

Miss Sarah Purdy

Senior Administrator

I am responsible for the smooth running of all things administration for Scott College.
I am clerk to the Local Governors, Scott College Exams Officer and lead our administration team.
I look after Go4Schools and Sims.

Miss Ruth Readey,

Miss Ruth Readey

English teacher

It is my job to ensure you achieve the best possible grades in both Literature and Language during your time at Scott College. However, it is also my job – and my pleasure – to instil a passion for effective communication and analysis skills, which will enable you to secure a successful future in anything you choose to do.

Mr John Simpson,

Mr John Simpson

Teacher of History and English

As well as being a personal coach to help and support you through the processes of choosing your various career paths. I am very much looking forward to working with you.

Mr Kris Spreadborough,

Mr Kris Spreadborough

Maths Teacher

My focus is to ensure you enjoy your mathematical lessons so that you enjoy the challenge of any problems given to you. Mathematics opens many doors and is a requirement of many courses, so hope that together we can strive for the highest grade possible. I am also supporting initial teacher training, helping those that wish to start their careers in teaching.

Miss Beth Summerfield,

Miss Beth Summerfield


I am here to help you, answering your phone calls or greeting you when you visit Scott College.

I will make sure you call or enquiry gets through to the right person and direct you to the best person to help you.

Miss Kayleigh Ward,

Miss Kayleigh Ward


I will be your first point of contact welcoming you to Scott College, meeting visitors answering phone calls and supporting your journey at Scott College.

Miss Hayley Wedlake,

Miss Hayley Wedlake

Biology Teacher

Information coming soon for Miss Hayley Wedlake.

Mrs Lynette White,

Mrs Lynette White

English Teacher

My aim is to ensure that through your English lessons you will develop effective communication and fluent writing skills which will enable you to succeed in your chosen career. I could just be Shakespeare’s biggest fan and I look forward to unravelling his craft and that of other amazing writers with you! Reading and analysing great literature will support your language and communication skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Miss Laura Wilkinson,

Miss Laura Wilkinson

Psychology Teacher

If you choose to study Psychology at Scott College, either for GCSE or for A Level, I will be here to guide and support you as you explore this fascinating and thought-provoking subject. I am also here to support all students on the A Level Pathway, particularly through the UCAS application process. My aim is for all A Level students to leave Scott College with a bright future ahead of them.

Mrs Sophie Wrigley,

Mrs Sophie Wrigley

Maths Teacher

I’ll be guiding you in developing your ability to approach problems in a logical manner and making sure you have the skills you will need for the future, as well as making sure you enjoy investigating the way maths describes the world around us.

Miss Georgina Young,

Miss Georgina Young

English Teacher

As an English teacher, I have the pleasure of inspiring young minds through the study of Literature and Language. In this role, I endeavour to equip you with the fundamental reading, writing and communication skills that will help you to become a lifelong learner, and lover, of English and beyond.

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