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Some of the most popular questions we’ve been asked.

  • What is the Scott College uniform?

    The Scott College uniform is:

    • Scott College blazer
    • Scott College tie over white short or long sleeved white shirt
    • Black tailored trousers or Scott College skirt
    • Black or white socks
    • Black shoes
  • What about footwear?

    Our uniform policy says we want all our students to wear sensible black shoes – it’s all part of having a work-ready and professional attitude

  • Will we have lockers?

    We have lockers for all students, these are available from Reception for £2 per year (through ParentPay).

  • What are the arrangements for lunch and will I still get free school meals?

    We will be sharing a kitchen with Stoke Damerel Community College – it’s just one of the ways that being part of the Inspiring Schools Partnership benefits our school and our students.

    Instead of building our own kitchen we’ve spent that money on facilities in our school building.

    If you met the criteria for free school meals – and your circumstances haven’t changed – you will be entitled to free school meals at Scott College.


  • Will there be a morning and afternoon break?

    Yes there is a 15-minute morning break. In the morning there will be selection of healthy snacks and drinks available. Fresh water and water to refill bottles will be available all day.

    There is a 30-minute lunch break at 1pm

  • Do I have to pick a language?

    No. you pick two options. You don’t have to choose a language or a humanity if you don’t want to.

  • Are girls allowed to wear trousers?

    Girls have the option of wearing a Scott College checked skirt or smart black trousers

  • Will we do Drama?

    All students will take part in two hours of creative enrichment every week. We plan to change and offer different options each term. We have selected the top options to put in place in Term One, and will speak to students about what we should offer in Term Two. We will have a whole range of choices, but not all in Term One.

  • How Will My Child’s After School Activities Fit In With A Longer School Day

    We do plan to have a longer day at Scott College but also want to use it creatively, so if for instance a student attends sports training we would make sure this could happen. We plan to use some time later in the afternoon to complete homework or carry out independent study but this is also time for sport, dance, arts and crafts.

    Although we plan a 9am start and a 4pm finish students attending sports and similar activities fits in completely with our vision for the new school.

  • What if my child chooses not to follow a medical or health-related career?

    One of the great things about our school is not only will we make sure of high academic standards and good qualifications for all of our students, but they will also gain work experience. The work placements cover such a range of opportunities including administration and computing.
    If any of our students chose not to follow a medical or health-related career, we are planning for them to have great academic qualifications and experience of the world of work. This will be really useful in getting into university, an apprenticeship or a job. Students will be able to change their mind and have good pathways to further education, training, apprenticeship and employment.

    Scott College students at KS4 will study the core GCSEs Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, English Literature and Language and two options, at KS5 students will study A levels, BTECs or other relevant qualifications. All of which allow progression to apprenticeship, employment or University.

  • Oversubscription criteria

    Our oversubscription criteria is listed on the Admissions Policy on our website

  • Times of school day

    What does the Scott College School Day look like?

    Lesson 1 8.55 – 9.50 Normal 9,10,11 lesson start time

    Lesson 2 9.50 – 10.45 Normal 12 & 13 lesson start time

    Break 10.45 – 11.00

    Lesson 3 11.00 – 11.55

    Lesson 4 11.55 – 12.50

    Lunch 12.50 – 13.20

    Tutorial 13.20 – 13.50

    Lesson 5 13.50 – 14.50

    Lesson 6 14.50 – 15.50 Normal 9, 10, 11 end time

    Lesson 7 15.50 – 16.50

  • How does Work Experience vary from Year 9 to Year 12?

    In Year 9 we will spend some time getting you ready for work placements, we will train you in first aid at work, manual handling, health and safety among other skills.

    In Year 10 you will complete a one-week work experience placement in July.

    Once we have been through a programme of training we will start to visit workplaces in small supported groups to find out about the world of work. As students become ready and confident we will find them suitable short-term work placements.

    In the Sixth Form – where students are aged over 16 – we will be able to put students into a range of workplaces ranging from residential and nursing homes to hospitals and dental surgeries, Specsavers and other opportunities.

    These placements are likely to be one day each week.



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