Students Invited To Dementia Guide Launch



Five of Scott College’s Health and Social Care students were invited to attend the launch of the Rural Dementia Friendly Rural Communities Guide at the Devon County Show.

The event was attended by the CEO of the Alzheimer’s society Jeremy Hughes, Chair of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Task and Finish Group and members of parliament, local MPs and members of local government associations.

“Dementia is difficult for anyone and is compounded for people living in a rural community as there is increased difficulty accessing transport, health and social care services and support,” said Health and Social Care teacher Mrs Carlson, who accompanied the students.

“It is hoped that the guide will help support those with dementia and their carers to be included in all areas of community life.

“We had a fantastic day and our students felt very honoured  to be on the VIP guest list and participate in the presentation event!”

Year 12 student Trixton asked a question to the panel which was “We are part of a pioneer project for schools for the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia, do you feel it is important for us to be educated in the awareness and understanding of dementia as the younger generation?”

The response was met with positive and encouraging comments. Plymouth University’s Ian Sheriff said: “You have all worked hard to ensure that dementia is tackled as a subject amongst young people and it is fantastic.”

Ann Pascoe who is involved with Alzheimer’s charities in Scotland said:”The work has inspired me to take your ideas and implement it in schools in Scotland as well.”

“It was a real privilege to be part of such an important occasion,” said Mrs Carlson.

“For our students to have a wider experience of why their work for Education in Dementia is so meaningful – I’m certain our role as part of the Dementia Task and Finish Group will continue to thrive and grow.”

Student Trixton said: “I had an amazing experience at the Devon County Show, having the opportunity to attend the Alzheimer’s society launch was inspirational and Dr Trevor’s speech was remarkable! His motto being Remember Adventure before Dementia.”

Student Marsha said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the launch and learning about the innovations to assist in the inclusion of individuals with dementia in rural areas. The show itself was a real bonus and it was the cherry on the cake!”

Student Emily said: “I really enjoyed my day at the Dementia Charter launch, it is great to see what is being put in place to support people in more rural communities. I felt proud to be at the launch and hope to be more involved with dementia work in my future career.”

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