Month: July 2019

Look out for Scotty – our Elmer

We loved creating our medical-themed Elmer  – Scotty – to Jason and Krystyna’s winning design and now he is out in the wild – well, at Mount Edgcumbe – for everyone else to enjoy! Be sure to look out for him and let us know if you spot him. “We ran a competition in school across all year groups and Jason and Krystyna’s design won,” explained Mrs Carlson, Health and Social Care Lead. “Using their designs they got to work and chalked and stencilled these on to the elephant. It was a time- consuming task whilst he was painted with acrylic paint. “It took several layers and a long time to dry and extra students helped out along the way.  The design was freehand and reflected what Scott College is all about. “A huge thank you BLKC Decorators Limited who very kindly made him weatherproof for us for free so he will last a lifetime.”    Maisy spotted Scotty at Mount Edgcumbe!