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  • Plymouth University’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences
  • Plymouth NHS Hospitals Trust
  • Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry ( PUPSMD)

The involvement of our excellent industry partners goes well beyond the work-related learning or work experience offered by traditional education.

Medicine and social and health care is one of the largest employment sectors and the demand for skilled entrants into employment remains very high.

Our Employment partners are actively involved in ensuring our curriculum meets the skills needs for the jobs in this sector, now and in the future.






Employers and universities are already involved with creating innovative learning projects, offering realistic and appropriate work placements, delivering masterclasses and mentoring our students – all directly linked to much in demand, well paid, local employment opportunities.

Together with our partners in healthcare and medicine we will use work placements to make sure our students have the skills to enter the workforce and deliver a creative curriculum with a relevant employment focus to engage and motivate young people.


“The need for this provision from an employment, health and economic point of view is something which is long overdue in the city. We are looking forward to being part of shaping the learning of young people planning careers in the health service.”

Greg Dix, director of Nursing, Plymouth NHS Hospitals Trust

“As a partner we will support the school in a number of ways including providing skills-based sessions, masterclass speakers and specialised careers advice for students. This is an exciting development in preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals at a time of shortage in the region and nationally.”

Professor Patricia Livesy, Executive Dean of Plymouth University’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

“We wholeheartedly endorse this exciting vision for the studio school. The proposal of the studio school to use a project-based learning style as a significant component of the students’ learning is one we look forward to helping the studio school develop.”

Professor Robert Sneyd, Dean of PUPSMD

The school is sponsored by Stoke Damerel Community College one of the city’s most popular and over-subscribed schools which is gaining a national reputation for its Dementia Project work

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